You might be asked by our san class="highlight">upan>port team to set an class="highlight">upan> a traceroute.

You will find a small tool called WINMTR at <a href="" target="_blank">winmtr.neta>.

Download this, unzip an class="highlight">andan> launch it.
Once the program is running, enter the server IP in the Host field an class="highlight">andan> click Start.
After a minute, once the program has performed a traceroute for the IP, press Stop.
You can then either copy the results by pressing "Copy Text to Clipboard" or save the results in a text file by selecting "Export Text".
However, as this only gives use a traceroute from you to us, we also require a traceroute from us to you. This can be done with this script which we san class="highlight">upan>ply for you:
<a title="" href="">>

Please note that both traceroutes need to be produced at the same time, an class="highlight">andan> the time at which the traceroutes were produced needs to be indicated.

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