Fast Download

As a Fast Download, we denote the download of custom files, such as maps, from a web server. The download speed, which is between 3 an class="highlight">andan> 10 kbps for most games, will be increased to the download speed of the web server.
Thus, files in the game will be downloaded using the player's maximum ban class="highlight">andan>width.

What should I know about Fast Download?

1) bzip is not possible. Unfortunately, this is unavailable due to our system structure.
2) All maps found on our system will be loaded from our Fast Download server as long as you have rented the Fast Download tariff option.
3) Files you an class="highlight">upan>load to the FTP server will be copied automatically to the Fast Download server. Here you should note that you will need to stop/start the server. Simply restarting the server is not enough!
4) It is not possible to an class="highlight">upan>load a website to the web server. We do not offer web space.

5) Currently the following games san class="highlight">upan>port this option:

Call of Duty 4, 5 an class="highlight">andan> Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Half-Life 1 including mods
Half-Life 2 including mods
Counterstrike an class="highlight">andan> Counterstrike:Source

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