Reserved slots

In Battlefield 3 there is a queue to join a server. You can jump this queue if you have a reserved slot! (VIP slot)

Up to ten reserved slots can be set up using our web interface. It should be noted that only the player name (without clan tag) should be entered. After restarting the game server, the changes on the web interface will also be active on the game server. The reserved slots can then be used.

What happens if the server is full, but a player wants to join a server without a reserved slot?

The player joins a queue. Each player in the queue is shown their current position in the queue. Thus, they can choose whether they would prefer to wait or move to a different server. The server processes this queue as soon as a slot becomes available on the server. Then a player from the queue joins the server.

What happens if the server is full, but a player wants to join a server with a reserved slot?

A random player without a reserved slot or a Premium will be kicked from the server. If there are only players with reserved slots on the server, the player will join the front of the abovementioned queue.

What does a join queue look like? 

Players with VIP slots are at the front of the queue.
Players who have bought a Premium are next in line.
After that are the "normal" players.

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