What is the Privilege Key?

What is the Privilege Key?

The Privilege Key is access to the server admin. This gives you the status of server admin.

How do I use the Privilege Key?

Click on "Permissions" in the top navigation bar in the TS3 client and then "Use Privilege Key". Once the Privilege Key has been entered, you are the server admin.

You will receive your Privilege Key by e-mail from us after ordering/changing tariff.

Important note:

The Privilege Key is generated when setting up the server and is sent by e-mail.

The Privilege Key can only be used once! Once the Privilege Key has been used in "Permissions -> Use Privilege Key", the user has admin privileges and the key will expire.

I no longer have privileges on my TS3 server!

If you have removed your privileges with a misplaced mouse click, or no longer have privileges after setting up the system again, you can request a new Privilege Key using our web interface.

Simply login at 4Netplayers.com and then click "My Servers". You can request a new key to be sent to you by e-mail in the server settings.

This can then be used in the TS3 client in "Permissions -> Use Privilege Key ".

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