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In comparison to other voice programs (for example Skype) Teamspeak offers the only possibility to always have a fixed point as target - the Teamspeak 3 server. No waiting, no busy signals, no "unfortunately not available ". The server always take all conversations immediately.
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Voice chat, cloud storage and incredibly many more features combined together in one software.
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TeamSpeak is available for almost all platforms. All versions are developed simultaneously and are compatible with each other.
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Our TeamSpeak servers are directly available and can be used immediately.
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What is TeamSpeak?

Was ist TeamSpeak? is the German site for everything having to do with Teamspeak 3. We offer free downloads of client, servers and tools for all systems. 

We explain what Teamspeak 3 is and what makes it so great and spare no cost or effort to help if necessary. You can reach us in case of problems free of charge by phone, or by using our live chat. Every user can order one free Teamspeak 3 server for a week and test our 4Netplayers service entirely without obligation.

Windows Client


24. September 2015, 20:05

TeamSpeak Client Update 3.0.18

Today, the developer team at TeamSpeak has once again published a new client update. Essentially, feedback that reached the team on the Gamescom site was implemented. First in line was the wish to block pokers because effective immediately, there is a function in the settings (Settings => options =>; application => various), to deactivate this. At the same time, the Qt library used for the user interface was updated to Version 5.5 - this is supposed to afford more compatibility with Windows 10 and remedy one cause of crashes.

Security was likewise contemplated. Thus, clicking on a link in Chat calls up a dialog window in which the URL is shown that will be opened. This is to prevent undesired malware from being installed on your computer that could otherwise be installed unnoticed by calling up a website in the background. Beyond that, a few other minor changes were undertaken to improve stability.

In order to take advantage of these changes, you can download the new client at in our Download Section.

11. August 2015, 11:43

50% Off all Teamspeak 3 Servers

In our summer sale, we are giving a fixed 50% discount for the total duration of a Teamspeak 3 Servers. Take advantage of the chance now and order your own TS3-Server.

The dinosaurs have been unleashed!
Furthermore, we have opened up a new game online for your game server:

ARK: Survival Evolved

Tame your dinosaurs and go into battle!

27. October 2014, 12:54

The field is calling, the forest also - rent Farming Simulator 2015 server now

Starting from today, Farm Simulator 2015 can be rented at 4Netplayers server for the newest version of the popular Farming simulator 2015 can be rented. Compared to its predecessor the multiplayer mode was further improved, new content added (for example, wood industry), a completely new Nordic game world created and of course also Farming Simulator 2015 offers the usual comprehensive fleet.

Thus, it is not too lonely in the virtual nature and work precedes quickly, 4Netplayers offer in its usual quality for launch on 30/10/2014 server. Effective immediately, the server can be ordered, so there is no delay, and you can immediately swing off the tractor.

Show what you're made of and sow, harvest, and raise cattle! And all this is always available with an LS 2015 game server from 4Netplayers. Existing customers can switch to LS15 free of cost.

09. August 2014, 16:00

TeamSpeak client update 3.0.16

The development team has released a new Teamspeak client update just in time for this year's Gamescom in Cologne. The biggest adjustment is the new "modern" icon pack, which will replace the old standard pack - whoever is already using a custom pack will not get to see the new one. An explanation of how to put the old icon pack back as standard is described briefly using a screenshot when you first start the client after the update.

That is it, except for a few small improvements. You will find the download, as always, in our download section. Have fun with it!

19. February 2013, 12:49

Teamspeak 3 Android new open beta!

The developers of Teamspeak have again published something great. After numerous opened and closed beta tests a freely accessible App for Android is now here!
It should be noted that this is still a beta version, so there could still be errors. However, everything functioned perfectly in our tests
Almost nothing stands in the way of the new Teamspeak App for the client - simple things such as poking can now be done with the mobile phone.
The app also has minimum requirements, but this should not be a major problems for current mobile phones:
        - at least a ARMv7 CPU
        - at least Android 2.3.3
        - at least 800 MHz (CPU)

        In addition, everyone should be clear that their Teamspeak can only be used with Wlan, LTE or 3G networks.
        In order to be able to install the Apps, you must allow "Unknown sources" as an installation possibility in your settings - this varies from mobile phone to mobile phone. It is best to look in your settings App, maybe you will find it yourself.
        The file is available, as usual, in download section. Simply download, place on your mobile phone then open and install it there. Have fun with it!

        26. October 2012, 17:29

        Teamspeak 3 viewer online

        From now on our free TeamSpeak 3 Viewer is available at This viewer shows the status of a TS3 server live on websites, so you can thus see who is online. You need nothing more than to enter your IP and you will be offered an Iframe, which you can integrate on your own website.

        Teamspeak 3 viewer register for free

        18. October 2012, 21:38 new look appears in a new design. In addition to current client and server files, which are available as free downloads with high speed, we have also come up with some new ideas. From now on everyone can order a one-time totally free Teamspeak 3 server here for one week, without contract, without obligations. We are still available during the hours of 10:00 am-8:00 pm for a free chat to offer you advice and assistance. Whether it is the client or the server that is causing problems - we will help you to solve the problem. In the forum you may also communicate with other Teamspeak users and share information about Teamspeak, plugins and skins. We wish you all a lot of fun with the site!

        Your team

        19. September 2012, 14:19

        TS3 restore available

        Even if you ever so careful as an administrator of a TeamSpeak 3 server, a little mishap can always happen from time to time with a complex management of a TS 3 server. Be it that the channel is inadvertently deleted, or that the rights of users are processed and in so doing are incorrectly configured or deleted.
        In order to easily undo these errors, 4Netplayers have now developed and re-introduced "TS3 Restore" . This backup-system secures the status of the TeamSpeak 3 servers once weekly and ensures that our clients are able to activate a last safety activity fast an comfortably and thereby ensures that no little mishaps can happen.
        "TS3 Restore" is immediately available for all 4Netplayers TeamSpeak 3 servers clients and gamers organizations with TeamSpeak , and this is of course totally free. Our support will gladly answer any questions to "TS3 Restore" at anytime.